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Raised bed Gardening

I have been doing raised bed and container gardening for around 12 years now.

My Mum and Dad have always been keen gardeners , but i never took much interest as a child.

Anyway about 14 years ago  i had a life changing medical problem that has left me walking disabled.

With time on my hands i was surfing the internet and found an article by Mel Bartholomew about

One Foot Square Gardening.

This inspired me to want to have a go. I talked to my dad Les about what i was planning.

Unknown to me a plan was hatched between Angela my wife and my dad.

The result was they built me 2 raised beds as you see in the picture.



The bed are just over 2 feet wide and the length is about 10ft long.

I have divided the beds up in either 1 foot by 2 foot strips or 1 foot squares. I used banding tape

 found around palleted goods.



                                         Apart from the raised beds we grow potatoes in buckets.



                                                 Also tomatoes in containers and hanging baskets .



In the beds we grow Lettice, Radish, Spring Onions , Carrots , Red & White Onions, Sweet Peas , Mangetout Peas.

Various varieties  of lettice ( cut and come again types )


                                       We also grow Herbs in containers and even some Rhubarb .




                         The sweet pea's are going well.  Yes i know there's not many i just picked them.




  Planning a raised bed garden