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Fusion Radio

I have dabbled around with DMR & DStar and did not enjoy the modeS and digital audio from them.

Around the Fenland area Fusion Radio is taking off big time.

I felt i was missing out .I sold an Icom IC-706mk1 at the Wythall Radio rally and purchased a Yaesu FTM-100D.


       In the Fenland area we are lucky.We have a number of Links on 2m,70cm and Fusion repeaters.

       The newest repeater is GB3PC located in Peterborough. Run by Danny M0RHG and John 2E0JDK.


                   John and Danny have created a new room called the United Kingdom Room.  

A number of  local amateurs use this link, but it is gaining popularity with stations further affield.  


                     Another room which is popular is CQ UK.This room is very busy.  



         This page is being worked on so watch this space   !

4 Meter Page

 I started using 4m back in around 1982 when it was given to class B amateurs.

 My first radio was a PYE Westminster.Power output was 12 watts and the antenna was a dipole.


  Later i added a preamp to boost receive signals and put up an HB9CV beam antenna.



4m Band Plan




 Now more countries and people are using 4m. Please don't block the calling channel with your QSO.                    If you have a synthesized rig, there really is no excuse for not QSY-ing. If a lack of crystals mean that you can't find a clear channel, then please be considerate if you stay on 70.45: keep the overs short, and listen carefully between them for other stations trying to call in.

   Equipment i am using now               

                                                           An Anytone AT-588 68 - 88mhz




                                                          My other 4m Rig is a Key KME80



                                  For 4m SSB i am using a Icom IC 7100. Antenna half wave dipole.



 There is a Parrot Repeater and Echolinks on 4m.

A Parrot repeater  stores and forwards your audio and replays it on the same frequency.


MB7FM in Tring   ON AIR Again     30/07/2017


News on MB7PA. I have been informed MB7PA has been closed down




 If you want any more information on 4m try this web site.


Click here to open link

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