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I've Passed My Foundation Radio Exam

Well it's taken 25 years to gain my radio foundation license.

I decided to do the exam just before Christmas.

When i told Andy he nearly fell off his chair !


I took the course at Peterborough Radio Club H.Q.

The course was run by Tracey & Alan Ralph.

The course was run over 2 Sundays and there were 3 of us.

Myself , Ian Cooke and Paul Fellowes. Andy came along for moral support and helping out.    





The first weekend was spent doing practical things like having a contact on 2m and HF.

Setting up equipment and Morse appreciation.


The next week was spent revising for the exam.


The next Sunday was spent learning about Licensing Regulations, Propagation, Antennas and Coax.

Also going over the previous weeks training.

Alan also talked to us about EMC and operating etiquette and how to set up equipment for data modes.


At around 4:30pm tables were set up at a given distance and the room set for our exam.

I was a little nervous as i had not taken an exam since i left school.


At 5pm the exam started. Paul finished first followed by Ian. Andy had told me to take my time and not to rush.

Forty minutes latter i finished, and left the exam room.

The papers were checked by Alan ,Tracey and Andy who were the Invigilators.


Alan called us back into the room and told us we had all passed. He told me i got 22 out of 26 which i think is not bad for a gal that's not into radio. Andy was so pleased.

We headed home and went over to tell Andy's parents who are both licensed.


They were both shocked and pleased for me.

As a surprise Andy took me out to dinner to celebrate.


Andy has kindly transferred his old call sign to me so my Amateur Radio call is M3FTV.

Hope to hear you on the bands.


Ian's  has now a full licence call sign of M0HTA ( M , 0 , HELP THE AGED ! )

Paul's call is  M6EHW



 Andy joined me up to BYLARA ( British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association )


Link to BYLARA

 I have not yet plucked up the courage to join in on the nets !