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4 Meter Page

 I started using 4m back in around 1982 when it was given to class B amateurs.

 My first radio was a PYE Westminster.Power output was 12 watts and the antenna was a dipole.


  Later i added a preamp to boost receive signals and put up an HB9CV beam antenna.



4m Band Plan




 Now more countries and people are using 4m. Please don't block the calling channel with your QSO.                    If you have a synthesized rig, there really is no excuse for not QSY-ing. If a lack of crystals mean that you can't find a clear channel, then please be considerate if you stay on 70.45: keep the overs short, and listen carefully between them for other stations trying to call in.

   Equipment i am using now               




                                                           Key KME80



                                  For 4m SSB i am using a Icom IC 7100. Antenna half wave dipole.



 There is a Parrot Repeater and Echolinks on 4m.

A Parrot repeater  stores and forwards your audio and replays it on the same frequency.


MB7FM in Tring   ON AIR Again     30/07/2017




 If you want any more information on 4m try this web site.


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Link to 

4 Meter WEBSDR in Hertfordshire covering the London area

 4m websdr

This page is being worked on so watch this space   !




                           SR5KP Repeater    



Every since i have had my radio licence i have been interested in 10m fm.

Before us class B's liciencees were allowed on HF i used to listen to the 10m repeaters coming in from Europe  and the states. HB9HD in Switzerland  and KQ2H in NewYork.

10m SSB never holds any interest only 10 FM.


Most new transceivers will work on FM and repeater shifts can be set up.

As an example receive 29.680mhz , transmit 29.580 mhz. CTCSS 127.3 for SR5KP


Please remember these repeaters are worked by Sporadic E propagation.So may now be available  all the time.



 Below is a list of European Repeaters.

There is a new repeater i hear SR5KP from Poland.On 29.680 mhz fm.


Antenna wise for 10fm vertical antenna's are the best. A CB silver rod or an Amtron A99.

A good old dipole will work if signals are strong.